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30 Inspiring Drum Girls | How Ma Raised 4 CAs, 4 Documents, 1 Engineer, 1 Mathematician – Siphokazi Sonjica

Although she could work virtually anywhere in the world, the place Sipokazi Sonjica decided to sink her roots after her mother died in July 2020 is Gqeberha, the city where she grew up.

Following the death of her mother, Dr. Elizabeth Mamitha Chhabra-Nishweni, Sifokazi established an HIV/AIDS daycare and crèche called Emmanuel Haven in Motherwell and institutionalized safe circumcision training. He became famous for his achievements. Align her priorities with that.

So the Masa-born CA decided to leave Joburg and return to Gqeberha, where she grew up, to get closer to her family.

“I grew up here in physical education. I am the ninth in a family of 10. Considering where I came from and where I am now, I realize that my mother was a very strong woman. 10 All of them are professionals: four chartered accountants, four doctors, one engineer and one mathematician.”

“We were very lucky. My mother was a pusher. From an early age, education was important.”

This is why Sifokazi decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) after earning her CPA qualification. It turned out to be one of her best decisions she ever made. Because it placed her in her current role, Isuzu Financial Business Senior Her Manager in charge of her performance. It combines her love of numbers with her passion for business and corporate support. growing up.

Her MBA study, titled Evolving the Function and Role of Finance in the Current South African Business Environment, focuses on how business finance moves from mere transactions to business enablers that partner with businesses to add value beyond capital. The question was whether it would be possible to move to In a meaningful way that helps it grow.

CA says she’s grateful that she got her MBA before she had kids. She said, “It’s the best thing ever. Her sister was also completing her MBA at the same time, so I remember the pressure she was under. You know, her mother’s care, work, I am trying to keep up with school education.

“So we always had to have group study sessions at times when we were available for her, and I have to say it became difficult. ‘Cause you’re tired from coming home in the evening And you got these 3 mini-mees wanting your time. ‘,’ says the mom of three girls, ages 7, 5, and 1.

But the idea of ​​how rigorous the path to an MBA might be shouldn’t deter mothers who are considering it, says the 39-year-old.

As her sister proved to herself, and as her mother also studied to become a doctor while raising seven small children, it is doable.

“She and my father were math teachers, but she stopped teaching math and went to medical school.”

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Seeing her mother working long hours as a doctor, Sifokaji realizes she doesn’t want to be a doctor.

“The time was crazy! I think that’s what we try to do for our children.”

Dr. Nxiweni is not only a beloved physician but also a Presbyterian minister who named the Eastern Cape’s first field hospital sponsored by Volkswagen and the German government after her. She says that having such a maternal trailblazer had a huge impact on Sifokazi and her nine siblings.

“Before she died, she did a lot for us and the community, so I think coming back to Gqeberha was one of the reasons I came back.

“I think one of the saddest things is, as an accountant, or as a corporate person, when you get your qualification, you leave the PE. will it be?”

“I want to give back to society in some way.”

In his new role, which began in April 2022, Sifokaj is responsible for Isuzu’s financial planning and analysis, product finance and cost management.

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Sifokaji returned to Gebelha after his mother died.

A Nelson Mandela University alumnus says the best career advice ever given is “Don’t sell yourself short.”

Despite all her work experience and professional credentials such as an MBA, CA(SA), and BCom Accountant, she, like many young professionals, tends to doubt herself. I admit.

However, she is grateful to have a pioneering mother, a hardworking brother, a supportive husband, and career mentors and supporters who have always cheered her on.

Her former boss has also played a big role. “A company always needs a mentor and a supporter or cheerleader. they always care about you. “

Then your part will just show up. “Do it for yourself, not for anyone else,” says senior management.

“During my career, I have been fortunate to have great mentors and great supporters. My supporters were my bosses. I had great female bosses at Accenture and Edcon. My boss is the person who told me to be the leader today. you.

“That’s the kind of leadership I’ve succeeded in, and the kind of leader I’ve become.”

Sifokazi adds that while her qualification was tough, the real pressure came from her siblings, not from the actual job itself.

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“I passed all my subjects the first time,” she admits with a laugh.

CA, who graduated from Nelson Mandela University in 2004 with a BCom Accounting degree with distinction from the same institution, said: Before passing the board exam of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2005, he joined the Board of Independent Regulatory Auditors in 2008.

Her honors year was tough, she added, but she said she remembered the then-accounting dean encouraging them.

“He said if you have a boyfriend, break up. No boyfriend drama this year. It’s been a tough year because I’m preparing for my Board 1 exams.”

Luckily for Sifokazi, she was single at the time. She and her husband began dating when she enrolled in her MBA, but were in agreement when it came to prioritizing her studies.

Still, sometimes we all have to sacrifice one good thing for another. Sacrifice moves around a bit at the beginning of her career.As she grows up, she discovers her strengths and weaknesses.

“It was from one role and the next role was based on the previous one, so I didn’t accelerate. Because when we finish writing the article, I think we can be CFOs the next day.” It’s from!”

Ultimately, what Sifokazi wants to achieve is to be a great mother, an inspirational leader, and like her mother, someone who puts her family first and gives back to her community.