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9 games that need you to return to Nintendo Switch Sports

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2006 feels like a different life now, but it was then that Nintendo released the world’s first motion-controlled gaming system, the Wii. It needed to be experienced, so Nintendo did what any smart company does and offered some exciting giveaway software bundled with the console, and Wii Sports was born.

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The original game offered five sports to showcase the capabilities of the console. In 2009, Nintendo announced a sequel of sorts with his Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports Resort has 12 sports to choose from. And recently I got Nintendo Switch Sports. From the original game, we got tennis and bowling. Wii Sports Resort offers kenjutsu (chambera), with a new mix of soccer, badminton and volleyball. Golf also he will be released as DLC in 2022.

But who actually wanted those particular games? It has a 72/100 rating on Metacritic, with other reviews as well. We all agree that a variety of sports could have made for a better game.

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9 Ice hockey

Hockey is one of the four major competitive sports in North America, along with baseball, American football and basketball. Also, the NHL may be smaller than his MLB, NFL, and NBA (OMG, acronym), but that doesn’t mean their followers aren’t enthusiastic. I’ve only seen him at one hockey game, but the energy stuck with me.

Additionally, hockey is Canada’s most popular sport and is considered a national pastime. And even if it’s just for Canada, people all over the world will enjoy it.

8 disc golf and frisbee dog

When I played disc golf for the first time in my life, it was terrible in one word. Despite careful tutorials from my very patient date who wanted to share his passion for the sport he won tournaments with, I still almost managed to get the disc out in traffic. We went ahead and blamed the park for its course design, not my lackluster skill.

Frisbee sports were introduced in Wii Sports Resort, with several options within them. Frisbee Golf sounds like it, but Frisbee Dog was great too. It’s like fetch, and lately we’ve been able to really use puppy play dates.

7 Another Ball Sports, Any Ball Sports

I got football on Nintendo Switch Sports and it was a solid choice. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with dozens of countries in Europe, Africa and both America having national teams. Also, with the popularity of the game on Nintendo Switch Sports, other ball-based field sports seemed to do well.

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Both rugby and American football are very popular, with rugby being mostly found in the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth countries, while American football is popular in the United States. While American football players hit the field in hard shell helmets and plush padding, rugby players hit the field in nothing but jerseys, shorts, knee socks and moxies.

6 archery

When the Switch launched in 2017, Nintendo released several games to boost the player base, but no title moved the console as much as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In fact, if you asked Nintendo fans to list famous fictional shooters, they’d probably put Link in the top three – which we did anyway.

Archery was popular not only at Wii Sports Resort, but also as fun and challenging. With the Joy-Cons being more responsive compared to the Wii Remote, this seemed like an opportunity for Nintendo to polish up what players were already enjoying.

Five cricket

Cricket, the second most popular sport in the world, has millions of followers. It has a sizable fan following everywhere from East Asia to South Africa, and although it has not reached the popularity it has in Japan or the West, there are definitely numbers to support its inclusion. .

Aside from its popularity, Nintendo games are fun to play anyway. watch. It might take some precision on Nintendo’s part to figure out, especially for couch co-op, but it seems to get intense.

Four baseball

Speaking of ball games, where is baseball? It was my favorite game on the original Wii Sports and I was good at it too. I enforced the mercy rule so that my mother, who is usually exuberant and good-natured, but not precisely tuned, wouldn’t have to try to bridge the gap between us. Score.

Baseball is popular all over the world. Said to be derived from cricket, he is not only one of America’s most popular sports, but also has a sizeable following in East Asia and Latin America. Global, fun, and easy to pick up and play?

3 Yoga (with Wii Fit trainer, of course)

Nintendo is always using motion controls to try and get people off the couch. After all, this article is literally about sports games. Between exuberant dances, gamified adventures with assistive accessories, and wild robotic arms, Nintendo never shy away from wanting us to get back on our feet. The 2008 Wii Fit, where Nintendo’s Yoga was born, is one of the best-selling games not bundled with the console.

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I spent the summer of 2008 sitting in my living room, stretching and breathing in the iconic Wii Fit trainer. Yoga helps with many things, including posture, pain relief, and relaxation. No man lives who could not help at least one of these things.

2 Boxing, and bring the mat

The mere mention of boxing is enough to boil the blood of many who tried the sport at the time.The Wii may have been the first motion control console, but boxing wasn’t the best. tough sometimes. It’s not very proud of you to wave your arms at a digital opponent and congratulate yourself on winning, hoping to do your best.

But Nintendo had time to work on motion control responsiveness. The Switch isn’t always perfect, but it’s definitely better than the Wii at recording inputs accurately. Besides, there are quite a few hand-to-hand combat games on the Switch, so they have to work out the kinks. Let me hit you again, Nintendo. Please.

1 Golf, and it shouldn’t have been DLC

Golf has always been a popular sport game. It’s straightforward, easy to design, fun, and feels comfortable enough to keep you coming back for more. Nintendo has been making golf games for decades, and in 1999 he even had his own franchise with Mario Golf for the N64. You can still hear the vanished Charlie character complaining, “Hey, while we were young!”

Golf is certainly coming as a DLC for Nintendo Switch Sports, but it seems odd that they left it out in the first place. The sport is popular enough to be successful in the regular game of golf, and that game includes some untraditional and ridiculously fresh take on the sport. While they may just miss spending nights on the couch with their families, there are definitely a lot of people who are excited to see golf return triumphantly.

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