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Hop-on Introduces WEB3 DRM Technology OOVE™ with Smart

WEB3 publisher, label and studio Digitalage has built tools and workflows with cutting-edge content protection and DRM solutions.

TEMECULA, Calif., Aug. 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VIA New Media Wire — Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) has announced DRM technology OOVE™ powered by Digitalage. For publishers, labels and studios, Digitalage has built tools and workflows with cutting-edge content protection and DRM solutions under his OOVE™ banner. In addition to its ever-growing product suite, OOVE™ creates indelible watermarks for all types of media, including videos, photos, music, and more, supported by blockchain smart contracts. Its features include monetization of back catalog discoveries. Digitalage ensures maximum value and alignment with your company’s current and emerging strategic goals through OOVE™.

Transaction and service fees for each transaction through operations we manage, including:

  • Collection and distribution of royalties
  • Rights Usage Renewal
  • license fee
  • DRM Revenue

Supporting the music and entertainment industry

digital age Focusing OOVE™ capabilities on the music and entertainment industry, For musicians and studios to fight piracy and create new revenue streams.
CEO Peter Michaels said: Dimensional monetization model. ”

He adds: alluvial fan In geology, the accumulation of sediment that forms as a result of erosion and spreads outward from a centralized source of sediment, such as a narrow ravine emerging from a steep slope or long cliff that separates two relatively flat regions of different elevations is. The OVUM, or egg, is clearly the building block of life. OOVE™ is his DRM DNA. ”

As part of Digitalage’s UX philosophy of #innovateforgood, the program requires innovation in legislation, technology, and standards. Musicians publish their metadata into a distributed, machine-readable database, making it available to everyone. From here, anyone can leverage smart contracts attached to metadata to enter into automated agreements to purchase and use rights attached to metadata. Media managers pay media for specific uses as part of the contract.

Digitalage generates metadata according to the COALA IP standard and publishes it to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Digitalage is testing distributed databases such as OrbitDB using smart contracts for contracts and payments. The OOVE™ solution is an end-to-end, fully legal smart licensing agreement with OpenLaw to build the next generation of streaming technology that enables trading at a very granular level. This allows fans to watch and pay studios and distributors directly. when streaming content. This is all done using flexible encryption to ensure rights holders get what they deserve.

“This will take time. The technology will mature. But the vision is clear. , gain a global record of rights, and fans will be able to participate in these new content economies.”

As Digitalage prepares to launch its own Web3 social media platform, OOVE™ is launching as a service and technology to help all content owners and distributors, whether they use the platform or not. It will be available immediately after uploading.

Hop-On’s OOVE™ has provisional patents and trademarks pending.

About Hop-on

Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) is a U.S.-based international leader in the development and manufacture of electronic devices, distributed software, communications hardware and services, and the secure essentials of mobile and computing technology. We are using a license agreement. Since 1993, we have a track record of innovation and market development. From developing the world’s first CDMA disposable mobile phone, to Digitalage’s decentralized social media platform promoting data portability and free speech, to engineering essential tools for content protection and royalty management across social platforms and devices. Until then, we work closely with inventors and patent holders to bring the latest technology to demanding markets.

Peter Michaels, CEO

About Digital Age:

The mission behind Digitalage is to lead the social media industry through the fight against content piracy, empowering publishers, influencers and contributors. Digitalage will revolutionize the creator economy, allowing users to connect, upload and share content, while leveraging decentralized Web3 blockchain technology to compensate rights holders.

Forward-Looking Statements:
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