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Kate Middleton's toned legs: she always looked incredible in shorts

Melanie MacLeod

last weekend i saw Duchess of Cambridge I will participate in friendly boat race Alongside the GB team at Plymouth’s SailGP, we were blown away by her sporting prowess, but it wasn’t just her sailing skills that royal fans were talking about.

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Ahead of sailing, the Duchess stepped out in a nautical-themed look. tailored white shortsfans have taken to social media to share their admiration for her toned legs, which look muscular and lean.

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“Beautiful legs like a top model!” wrote one, while another commented:

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This isn’t the first time Duchess Kate has wowed fans with shorts. Read on to see the Duchess of Cambridge’s best shorts moments.

Duchess Kate stunned in tailored white shorts ahead of the July 2022 boat race.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore khaki shorts when she went sailing in the Bahamas in June 2022.

Duchess Kate added a cap and jumper to her ensemble when it started to rain

The sportswoman Duchess Kate wore this outfit to the waters of Cowes in 2019.

In 2008, Duchess Kate wore these yellow hotpants to a roller disco in London

So how does Duchess Kate keep her legs looking so toned?

The royal family is known for incorporating a hybrid of cardio and weight training into their lifestyle.From running to weightlifting, cycling to rowing, yoga to HIIT, sporty Duchess workout routines are certainly for the faint of heart. not.

1. Running

Duchess Kate is known for her love of running. Mike Tindallmarried Prince William’s cousin Zaradescribing Duchess Kate as an “engine” and claiming his dream rugby team would include the 40-year-old royal on one wing, said, “She loves to run, so she can run all day. !”

Prince William and Duchess Kate are competitive

Running definitely plays an important role in Duchess Kate’s slender limbs.

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“Runners, regardless of body shape or size, tend to have strong legs because they are constantly working the big muscles of their body,” says David Wiener of fitness app Freeletics.

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2. Weight training

Anyone interested in fitness knows that weight training is the key to progress.

3. Tennis

It is well known that the Duchess loves tennis. Going to court with Emma Radhakanu This sport may look like an arm workout, but it also works your legs.

Duchess Kate enjoys playing tennis

“A lot of people think tennis is just about the arms and wrists. In fact, the movements and movements in tennis require the whole body. , your whole body needs to be in sync,” says Tim Benjamin of WithU, an audio fitness app that offers tennis-inspired workouts.

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Tim compares tennis to HIIT. This is due to the short, sharp movements used to move around the tennis court. “It’s a great way to improve your cardio and lung capacity.”

4. Hiking

Duchess Kate and Prince William are often photographed enjoying the great outdoors and hiking with their dogs. Hiking may not get your heart rate up like the other activities Duchess Kate loves, but it’s key to toning her legs.

“One of the most important (and still underrated) exercises for getting toned legs is walking,” confirms David. has many benefits and is very important if you want toned legs.

Hiking is a great leg workout

“If you can walk somewhere, I always recommend walking. Replacing that 10-minute car trip with a 20-minute walk can not only lead a healthier lifestyle, but it can also surprisingly It also helps me get toned legs.”

5. Cycling

The mother of three has been spotted cycling many times.

The Duchess rides a bike to keep her strong legs

“Cycling is another great exercise that helps tone your legs because it works your quadriceps when you pedal, which helps strengthen and tone your legs,” explains David. “It also works your hamstrings and calves, so you can work your entire leg.”

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