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Keyavi Data Raises $13M Series A

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Durango, Colorado–(business wire)–Keyavi Data Corp., a cybersecurity solution provider that uses proprietary technology to protect businesses from internal and external data loss and intrusion, today announced it has raised $13 million in Series A funding.

Data-centric security is evolving rapidly as organizations increasingly rely on digital information to run their businesses. Keyavi’s patented technology injects intelligence directly into your data, adding policy-based layers of protection that harden each file. Keyavi protects data throughout its lifecycle: at rest, in transit, and in use by native applications. This technology allows data owners to share files in any way, knowing that underlying protections are embedded in every file copy, forever wherever the data travels.

According to Allied Market Research, the global data security market is expected to reach $54.2 billion by 2027. With overwhelming customer demand for advanced features including encryption, zero trust, security and data protection, Keyavi is ideally positioned to take advantage of the ongoing new opportunities. Growth across market sectors. Proceeds will be used to fuel Keyavi’s hyper-growth, including expansion into new markets and the acquisition of expert-level talent, including engineering, to further support customer demand.

“Keyavi is leading the way in redefining the cybersecurity landscape, paving the way for the future of self-protecting, intelligent, and self-aware data security. Keyavi presents a fundamental paradigm shift from data protection technology, said Elliot Lewis, CEO of Keyavi.

Chief Strategy Officer Todd Demko added: Keyavi redefines data security by upending the industry’s notion of what cybersecurity should be. ”

In addition to the Series A funding, an $8.3 million seed round completed in early 2021 brings the company’s total funding to $21.3 million.

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About Keyavi Data Corp.

Headquartered in Durango, Colorado, Keyavi’s self-protecting, intelligent, and self-aware cybersecurity technology allows individual data to think for itself. Secure yourself. Control when, where and who has access. Deny access to unauthorized users. Always aware of its surroundings and automatically reports to its owner. All these features are built into the data itself. The company’s API platform and the full suite of applications on top of it give data owners powerful controls to grant, revoke or deny access to their information. It doesn’t matter who, what platform or device, and how many copies there are. Years in development before its launch in 2020, this award-winning, multi-patented technology is so unique and revolutionary that it has been recognized by leading analyst firms. One Omdia has designated “self-protected data solutions” as a new cybersecurity industry category, with Keyavi as the clear leader. Keyavi’s easy-to-use and robust solutions help public and private organizations, their remote workers, and partners in solving the security challenges of controlling sensitive information and intellectual property from data breaches, breaches, and ransomware. Provides ultimate peace of mind for his ecosystem. For more information on Keyavi and its breakthrough technology, please visit Follow Keyavi on LinkedIn. twitter and Vimeo using the @KeyaviData handle and hashtag #Keyavi. Keyavi dataTMs and Intelligent DirectoryTMs is a trademark of Keyavi Data Corp. all rights reserved.