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MasterControl pays employees to play sports and stay active

Adults typically sit on the sidelines when it comes to team sports, but at Salt Lake City-based management software provider MasterControl, every employee is on the field.

company takes precedence health and wellness We offer 25 different fitness clubs for our employees to join, from soccer and basketball to yoga, meditation and walking clubs. The employee gets his hour off on weekdays, and MasterControl provides the team with funds to host tournaments and purchase team memorabilia and equipment.

Alicia Garcia, Chief Cultural Officer at MasterControl, said: “We really thought we needed to take that and come up with something else that would help encourage people to adopt healthy behaviors.”

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Garcia said the company initially launched a “Biggest Loser” style contest to promote health and wellness, but realized that people were engaging in unhealthy habits such as not eating on weekends. I was. Clubs arose because of the natural tendency of teams to get together and exercise. The program has since become a company-wide one. initiative to be active Spend time in groups.

MasterControl Rock Climbing Club

“People come into the office and say, ‘I’m going for a run today on my lunch break. Would you like to join?’ We started with four or five clubs. The goal is to have at least four members in your club.” Then the company sponsors you.The club was just growing and there were more and more demands.”

The company’s 720 employees now work a hybrid schedule, Garcia said, with Teams allowing employees to come together even if they aren’t working on the same days of the week or in the same location. Also promoting the importance of acting during a pandemic, fight isolation Many employees felt that

“We had a very strong culture going into the pandemic, but as we worked from home more and more, there was a clear disconnect,” says Garcia. “This is what really brought our team together. Even in this hybrid environment, we still have a lot of participants. Remote employees can still participate. They have a club Slack channel and They can send pictures of themselves joining clubs in their own area.”

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An added bonus is that the company’s medical costs have gone down. Garcia notes that in the last seven years he has seen premium costs drop in two years. The company also has an onsite doctor who meets with employees in person or discusses health with them via Zoom, and the company covers the cost of “prescriptions” such as his new running shoes and massages. I’m here.

The club encourages teamwork and healthy habits, says the company’s chief cultural officer.

“There are a variety of things they can choose from to highlight that we are here to support your fitness journey and wellness journey,” says Garcia. What started as a cycling club has transformed into wellness for the complete human being and their entire life.”

Garcia says the club is voluntary, but even employees who consider themselves inactive or who don’t have fitness goals in mind are choosing to participate. More importantly, it’s not about reaching your weight loss or fitness goals, but build a sense of teamwork It flows through the rest of the business.

“Each club is run by people who are very passionate about the sport or activity, so they attract highly motivated and passionate people who want to drive their team members,” says Garcia. “It attracts other people to join and interact with trusted colleagues. It makes us more productive, it increases teamwork. It’s kind of inclusive.”