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Opening of Anaheim Community Hospital Focused on Behavioral Health – Orange County Register

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A closed hospital in Anaheim has found a new life specializing in behavioral health.

According to Marie Neill, hospital and community outreach liaison for Orange County Behavioral Health, northern Orange County has been providing dedicated behavioral health hospitals for more than 40 years. But that changed with the opening of her Anaheim Community Hospital on Tuesday, August 2.

The hospital, which held a community open house on July 1, has 98 inpatient beds to treat and accommodate children to the elderly. Neal said the facility would be particularly useful for treating adolescents.

All insurances are accepted, including Medicare, CalOptima, Kaiser Permanente, other HMOs, and PPOs.

“We accept everyone,” said Neil. “We never turn our backs on anyone.”

As a general acute medical and surgical care facility with an inpatient and outpatient system, the facility includes a suite of procedures, laboratory and imaging services, and electroconvulsive therapy for patients with “severe PTSD.” There are several specialized treatment options.

The center also aims to help community members facing bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, as well as those in need of a secondary detox due to substance abuse, Neal added.

District councilor Jose Diaz, who includes West Ball Road Hospital, said the facility’s opening represents “an opportunity for growth in West Anaheim,” adding he hopes it will attract new business. I was. He also said mental health services were “extremely” needed in the area.

The city runs a Community Care Response Team, which works 24/7 to keep residents free from homelessness, but the program faces barriers, Diaz said.

“We have a complete infrastructure to support homeless people, but they don’t want that help,” he said, adding that Anaheim Community Hospital is helping those in need. It pointed to the larger issues of mental health and substance abuse that can.

Neale said Orange County Behavioral Health will use “established relationships” to guarantee referrals and ensure continued resource availability for discharged patients experiencing homelessness, saying the hospital’s resources are It added that it would “relieve stress” for law enforcement.

Sergeant Shane Callinger of the Anaheim Police Department said that although there is no direct “walk-in” relationship between the hospital and the police station, it is a private facility that is beneficial to the community.

“What we hope is that this capacity will free up hospitals in our area with walk-in services,” he said. We can use our abilities.”

Community hospitals that offer “partial hospitalization” can accommodate patients “who are anxious but not suicidal or violent” for six hours a day and can be returned to their families later, Neale said. said it can.

The expected length of stay for most patients is five days, but Neal said the hospital would not discharge patients who were “not ready and stable”. The facility aims to reduce the long wait times for evaluations that currently plague traditional hospitals, she said.

“We offer more services than regular hospitals can,” she said.