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Romantic East Lansing: A Guide to Low-Cost, Creative Summer Dating

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Summer is a time when our professional and academic lives typically slow down, allowing us to devote a little more attention to our personal and romantic lives.

But for college students on a tight budget, keeping their dating life fun and interesting isn’t always a matter of having the time, it’s also a matter of having the money.

If you’re living in the East Lansing area this summer, or coming back for the fall semester, here’s a list of ideas for entertaining you and your loved ones without hitting a tuition savings account. is shown below.

attend a free concert

Concerts can be exciting date nights if you or your partner love music or simply enjoy a bright and vibrant time. Concerts are usually reserved for more special occasions.

It doesn’t cost a thing to go to a concert as a couple this summer. The City of East He Lansing will host six completely free shows every Friday from He’s July 8th to He’s August 12th as part of the Summer Concert Series.The concert takes place at Ann Street Plaza and starts at 7pm

“The summer concert series features local and Michigan-based groups,” said Justin Drwenke, East Lansing Public Service Coordinator. Approximately 200 people come to the concert alone.

Explore art exhibitions

A visit to an art exhibition is a great way to spark a conversation between you and your date.

Talking about art gives us a glimpse into their worldview. East Lansing offers plenty of free or low-cost art viewing opportunities.

The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum on MSU’s campus is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. Open Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, you can book your free tickets online.

The East Lansing Public Art Gallery is a hidden gem on the second floor of the Hannah Community Center. Admission to the gallery is always free and accessible whenever the Community Center is open.

“On the first Saturday of every month, there’s an art gallery and refreshments,” says Heather Majano, coordinator of arts festivals and arts initiatives. “You can ask the artists questions and check out their art,” she says.

Maggiano said art galleries are small but influential for artists. Usually, it’s East Lansing area artists and their first showcase, so you and your date support new artists while having a good time.

Shop at the Farmers Market

A farmer’s market day is a great way to enjoy a lazy morning with your partner. Set a romantic scene by listening to his feel-good 70’s jams on your way to the market or choosing fun snacks to try together.

The East Lansing Farmers Market (ELFM) runs every Sunday through October 30th. ELFM lets you shop at Valley Court Park from 10am to 2pm. All items sold by vendors at ELFM are 100% homemade meaning all items are made or grown in Michigan. There is also live music every week, which you can enjoy while strolling through the market.

“The goal is to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy,” says Farmers Market Manager Carla Forrest Hewitt. “It provides access to fresh local produce, provides a way for vendors to connect with customers, and provides a place for community engagement.”

Farmers markets don’t have to be strictly a Sunday activity. Just outside East Lansing, the Meridian Township Farmers Market is open Wednesdays from 3-7pm and Saturdays from 8am-2pm at 1995 Central Park Drive in Okemos.

bookstore tour

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If you or your partner are bookworms, you’re in luck. Because the East Lansing area has several bookstores waiting to be explored. Buy a latte at your favorite coffee shop and visit all the cafes for a low price and let him get through the day.

The Curious Book Shop at 307 E. Grand River Ave. has been part of the East Lansing community for over 50 years. The interior of the store is a three-story space where books are lined up. The shop offers fun specials such as “blind dates,” where employees wrap books in paper, hide the covers, and choose books based solely on a short synopsis written by an employee.

Just half a mile away is The Archives Book Shop, the Curious Book Shop’s companion store. This shop is perfect for those who are interested in antiques and collectible books. This space houses over 60,000 books.

Schuler Books is an independent bookstore located at 1982 Grand River Ave, just outside East Lansing. A relatively large store, suitable for those looking for more contemporary books. Various events are also held in the store, which will make your bookstore tour date a notch.

New to the area is Hooked, a bookstore that will double or triple in size. – As a coffee shop and wine bar. Here you can find a selection of books that are a bit different from other shops. They focus on maintaining an inventory of books by MSU professors, Michigan-based authors, and up-and-coming “Indie Next” authors. If your date goes well, you can even enjoy a drink on the patio.

If you’re adventurous, incorporate some fun games into your bookstore date. Have your partner pick a book that you think you’ll enjoy, and don’t peek at it until you get home.

try new sports and exercises

There are plenty of opportunities to be active around East Lansing, and many of these options are free.

Yoga State has partnered with downtown East Lansing to host Yoga On Albert, a free outdoor yoga class three times a week this summer. Classes are held on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Albert Elle His Fresco Space on the corner of Albert Avenue and Grove Street.

Practicing yoga with a partner can be a good opportunity to try something new, and it can also have some beneficial effects on your relationship. is known to have a positive effect on

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive and stressful. Hopefully, this list will help you get creative and spice up your romance this summer!

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