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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA AND TOKYO, JAPAN, AUGUST 3, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – “Destination: Scientology” will transport viewers to the Land of the Rising Sun, celebrating the anniversary of Scientology’s dedication on August 8, 2015. I will take you to Church of Scientology Tokyo.

Tokyo is a city of contrasts. It is the world’s most futuristic metropolis, combining respect for ancient traditions with a love of technology. Tokyo, the world’s most populous city, is also one of the cleanest and safest. And in the heart of the Shinjuku district, just minutes from the busiest train station on the planet, used by 3.6 million daily commuters, lies the intersection of technology and spirituality at the Church of Scientology Tokyo.

On the anniversary of the inauguration of the Church of Scientology of Tokyo, parishioners and staff are invited to watch an episode of the Scientology Network Original Series “Destination: Scientology – Tokyo.” Learn about Tokyo’s history and traditions by visiting its treasured temples, shrines and tranquil cherry blossom gardens. Marvel at how about 3,000 pedestrians pass through Shibuya Crossing at the same time.

“One of the most important things is the Japanese culture of wisdom,” says Masayoshi, Church of Scientology Tokyo staff member.

“That’s the beauty of our church,” says Mifki, another staff member. “Scientology means ‘knowing how to know.’ And it is knowing yourself, knowing life. , to empower the spirit of Japan, our culture, and our people.”

In dedicating the Church of Scientology of Tokyo in August 2015, Scientology ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige described Tokyo as “a place where East meets West, where the ancient meets the modern, and where all are united by hope.” I expressed it. Then there’s no better place to witness the convergence of spirituality and technology. ”

The Church of Scientology of Tokyo is the ideal Scientology Organization, assisting Scientologists in ascending to spiritual freedom, serving as a home for the entire community and for collaborative efforts to uplift people of all denominations. Serves as a meeting place.

Destination: Scientology is an original series, with each episode taking viewers inside a new Church of Scientology, showcasing its diversity and collaboration that weaves all Churches of Scientology into the fabric of the community.

The Scientology Network debuted on March 12, 2018.

Since its launch, the Scientology Network has been viewed in 17 languages ​​in 240 countries and territories around the world. Satisfying people’s curiosity about Scientology, the network takes viewers to six continents, shines a spotlight on the daily lives of Scientologists, presents the Church as a global organization, Discover social improvement programs that have impacted people’s lives. The network also showcases documentaries by independent filmmakers representing different cultures and religions but sharing a common purpose of uplifting communities.

Broadcast from Scientology Media Productions, the Church’s global media center in Los Angeles, the Scientology Network is available on DIRECTTV Channel 320 and can be streamed via, satellite TV, mobile apps, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms. increase. .

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Caption: Watch an episode of the Scientology Network original series “Destination: Scientology – Tokyo.”

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