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'Blue Crush' Was Almost A Different Movie, Film Writer Reveals For 20th Anniversary

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A surf movie full of girl power blue crushCelebrating its 20th anniversary this year was a completely different story.

In a new interview with E! Online, members of the creative team behind the cult hit The Fast in the Furiouswas released the previous year.

“They started thinking, ‘Can we change? [Blue Crush]? Can you make one for boys too?increase adrenaline fast and furious said screenwriter Lizzie Weiss in an interview. It continues to adjust and evolve, but I was up for it. I was excited. “

Michelle Rodriguez, who appears in both films, was the catalyst for that connection. Director John Stockwell recalls that after Rodriguez signed, “there was a desire to bring part of that audience and part of that her celebrity status to a Surfer Girl movie.”

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Rodriguez 44, along with costars Kate Bosworth and Sanoe Lake, rounded out the trio of surfers with a story inspired by a 1998 Susan Orlean magazine article. swell of lifeIt focused on the freedom and camaraderie among female surfers in Hawaii at the time.

“It was a beautiful story of girls surfing in such a pure way,” Weiss said. “It’s called soulsurfing, it’s not a competitive sport.”

With that inspiration in mind, the first script focused on the relationships of four girls. In the final film, however, the story had a different spin and broader appeal. said to have decided.

They were finally able to strike a balance, and although the film was panned by critics and performed poorly at the box office, it still resonates with audiences today.

Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake emerge from the water with surfboards in a scene from the 2002 movie Blue Crush. (Photo credit: Universal Pictures/Getty Images)

Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake emerge from the water with surfboards in a scene from the 2002 movie Blue Crush. (Photo credit: Universal Pictures/Getty Images)

Universal Pictures/Getty

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“When the film came out, we were still in a world where film critics were mostly men and many top-tier newspapers were writing patronizing reviews,” Weiss said.

“I couldn’t understand how they couldn’t figure out what it was. Not all movies have to be reviewed as ‘Is this an Academy Award nominee?’ Not that movies are, and not all movies want to be. “

Weiss said she was ‘proud’ blue crush, calling it “the perfect blend of cool and feminist.” Regarding the ending, she said the script should include not only the stories of female athletes, but also the balance between friendships, career goals, and romance.

“It was very important to me. Not only was she completely empowered, but she was a female athlete who wanted this boy to like her and how that would affect her future.” “I thought it was okay. It’s a reality and we’re allowed to be all those things.”

“For her, the journey was about overcoming her fear of getting hurt, her nightmare, and she did,” Weiss said.

“You don’t have to be No. 1 to win [at the box office]You can win in many ways. And that scene where the two girls are in the water and instead of butting each other’s throats, they’re holding each other up — I love that scene.

blue crush

blue crush

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On Tuesday, Kate Bosworth, 39, posted a series of memorable photos to Instagram with Rodriguez and Lake Sanoe, along with a long sentimental caption celebrating the film’s 20th anniversary and its impact on her life. .

This post contains 7 slides of photos of the three co-stars and friends from 2002. The physical photo was taken 20 years before him and has an authentic early 2000s quality of him. There are years (probably still 🙂 in Sanoe’s diary, according to Bosworth’s post.

She ended the lengthy caption with a loving tribute to Rodriguez and Lake. “My soul sister, I feel you in my laughter every day,” she wrote. has returned to the shores of Sunset Beach.💙”

Two years ago, Bosworth, Rodriguez, and Lake virtually reunited in 2020 ahead of the film’s 18th anniversary. Fans were able to experience the reunion on his YouTube. The three co-stars shared their love of the film and their experience working together, and all agreed to make the film outright. blue crush Sequel.