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Lady Gaga rocks her magnificent ass in a sassy bodysuit in a TikTok video

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  • Lady Gaga has been hard at work breaking the glass ceiling at Fenway Park this week and posted a TikTok video to show how impressive her new feat was.
  • The singer flashed her ultra-tone booty in a striking leather bodysuit while performing on stage.
  • Gaga has been practicing yoga for decades and started practicing while in college.

how was your week Lady Gaga broke the records for the highest-grossing and highest-grossing show at Boston’s Fenway Park. so farAt least according to Mother Monster.

Gaga casually mentioned this tidbit in a new TikTok featuring footage from the show. I wrote to

In a video showing Gaga on the big screen, the singer can be seen giving the camera a serious look. Gaga gives her final turn, doing her Michael Jackson-style dance moves before striking a final monster pose.

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“In other words, it’s called a legend🤷🏻‍♂️🤘🏼🤘🏼💖,” one person wrote in the comment. A third wrote. Yeah, we agreed.

Gaga hasn’t shared many details about her fitness routine, including how she tones her peaches, but to give fans a few tips, BTS’s little share fragments.

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For starters, Gaga is obsessed with yoga. She has been practicing her practice since 2004, when she was still a student at New York University, said her former yoga teacher. new york timesGaga occasionally takes to Instagram to remind us a little how talented she is in the yoga department, like this tripod headstand photo from January.

When she’s not doing high-level yoga moves, Gaga can be found on the tennis court.

…or go through Pilates, the known booty booster and full-body toning workout.

Oh! And she’s also an avid equestrian. In January, Gaga shared that she took a few years off from the sport after her horse died, but she’s now (literally) back in her saddle.

Gaga also revealed that she swam laps here and there during her stay in Las Vegas, and jokingly referred to herself as “Gaga Phelps.”

In terms of food, Gaga has a personal chef named Bo O’Connor, a childhood friend, who helps her stay “really disciplined” and healthy even when she’s busy on tour. new potatoes. “Whenever I cook or go out, she usually chooses Italian,” O’Connor said. “It’s just a home for her.”

Breaking records with tight booty…you love watching it.