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Meggins?Matador redefined men's leggings for male anatomy

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This content was produced in partnership with Matador.

Like all great origin stories, Matador Meggins, who became famous for their customized men’s leggings named “Meggins,” was born out of necessity. Some might argue and proudly claim that men need leggings, but the brand’s success proves otherwise. , quickly realized that there was a shortage of leggings and form-fitting clothing suitable for men to sport in public. So, naturally, he created Matador, an innovative men’s athleisure brand. Primarily known for its men’s leggings, designed specifically for the male anatomy and featuring non-VPL (visible penis line) discreet padding that hides the groin, multiple pockets and a t-shirt. increase. Towel loops on the back, drawstrings on the inside, and performance silky fabric that wicks sweat. They offer dozens of bold colors and wild prints! And the rest is history!

We’ll get to the “why” of that later, but what you need to know up front is that it’s comfortable, convenient, and stylish thanks to its diverse and quirky designs. Plus, Matador now offers many other clothing options, including matching tops, so you can look your best whether you’re working out, staying fit, or just relaxing. Too hot for leggings? Compression shorts are also available for warmer months and indoor fitness classes. You can check out our current selection below, or keep reading for a deeper dive into matadors and what they have to offer.

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Why choose Matador “Meggins” for your activity?

An infographic showing the unique design of Matador Meggins.

Shorts and baggy clothes are somewhat okay for certain activities, but there are many activities you can’t do, like running, yoga, weightlifting, crossfit, etc. Shorts and jogger pants are necessary for healthy blood circulation. It doesn’t offer the same level of compression, which increases performance, endurance and stamina, and eases muscle soreness. Sure, they might advertise such a feature, but if you’re sweating profusely after a workout or run, that’s probably a different story. Most of it runs down the body and legs, making it quite uncomfortable and causing chafing and skin irritation.

The problem, however, is that leggings are typically not designed for the male anatomy. , this type of clothing is marketed and worn primarily by women, but that does not mean that it is useless for everyone. It has been accepted and worn by men for centuries. Bullfighters, or bullfighters, inspired the name and also wore things like leggings.

Matador Meggins in Black Thunder as he wears it at the skatepark.

“Show me a superhero without leggings. Wait.” — Valentino Aseyo

Men’s leggings, also known as matador leggings, or meggings, are designed specifically for the male anatomy. It is a discreet pad with a visible penis line). It also features multiple pockets for storing wallets, keys, phones and other belongings that are not typically found in most leggings on the market. It also has a t-shirt or towel loop on the back, which is very handy when you don’t want to carry your shirt or towel all the time while running. You can jog the long boardwalk and run hands-free without wearing a shirt. Put towels and shirts in loops and everything else in pockets.

An internal drawstring makes it easy to tighten and adjust the waist. This is another feature you don’t usually see in leggings from competing brands. Finally, it’s made from a silk-like material that wicks away sweat, so not only does it feel great against the skin, but it also functionally keeps you cool and dry, especially in today’s extremely hot conditions. So no matter how much you sweat, no matter how many times you wear it, you won’t smell bad. Of course, cleaning it from time to time is a good idea!

Matador Meggings are stylish and comfortable.

Activities that require this include yoga, running, jogging, weightlifting, cycling, and various sports. It can also be used for water sports such as surfing and scuba diving. They offer exceptional adaptability and are much more comfortable than your average baggy clothing option, especially for stretchy and highly mobile activities.

What else does the Matador have?

Matador Meggins Combo on the beach.

After many requests, Matador now offers a variety of matching tops, both sleeveless and short sleeve, to pair with Megyn. Isn’t there a lot of people? For those who don’t want to cover their entire leg, Matador also offers compression shorts. It has all the same features as the long version. As you can imagine, there are bike gear collections that offer built-in soft, fluffy pads to keep your bum comfortable during your ride (and after your session).

From tops to compression pants, all Matador styles come in a wide variety of patterns, colors and designs. It is his one of the best points of his flair for brands, innovative vision and aesthetics. You’ll find standard muted colors, vibrant hues, and distinctive patterns, like the American-themed Meggins and camo collections. We also have a Pride collection that shows our support for the LGBTQ community that is very close to our hearts. Whatever your taste, whatever your personality, there’s something for you here.

Matador shorts worn after running.

Matador launches new styles every week, so we’re always looking for something exciting and check our website regularly.use code manual 10% off your first order at checkout.

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