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Nation of Islam reaches out to Milwaukee youth through self-defense training

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Isaiah Jones spent a lot of time watching TV and playing video games. That was until Jones’ stepfather got him into boxing and martial arts, keeping him active and off the couch.

Thirteen-year-old Jones now spends her time practicing the kata, a series of choreographic moves required to master taekwondo.

“I learned taekwondo and within a few weeks I started improving on both,” said the Eastbrook Academy student. Jones has been doing martial arts since last year and is a low purple belt.

Jones picked up some extra moves in the last weekend of July. He attended self-defense and anti-bullying workshops as part of the 27th United School of Survival (USOS) International Training Conference at his center in Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He learned various self-defense techniques such as palm strikes, back kicks, side kicks and knee strikes.