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One of the ACT's most eclectic suburbs | Canberra Times

The values ​​of Gather are “food, fitness, and community.”Photo: Courtesy

When we opened the café four years ago, “My business partner and I decided to stop working for other people and start devoting our time and energy to projects that align with the values ​​we hold dear. I wanted to,” said co-owner Will Fisher.

These values ​​are “Food, Fitness and Community”.

This also has to do with the choice of location. “Braddon is considered Canberra’s lifestyle, food and entertainment district.

“Our café products benefit from the positioning and alignment with the target demographics that Braddon provides. [its] Close to gyms and fitness centers, close to offices and workplaces. Plus, the high traffic makes the cafe more visible,” says Will.

“Braddon has so many great operators and diverse businesses, and we are thrilled to contribute to the product mix and diversity that keeps Braddon such an exciting food and entertainment destination.

“Braddon’s friends are everywhere: Evan from LSR, Ricky from Alcove, Stu from Volstead, Becky from Zerb, Talia from Rizla, Troy from Knightsbridge, Jared and Ben from Lazy Sioux. It’s not about competing. It is important that we complement each other and raise the bar together.”

“I love being in Braddon to connect with the locals and be a part of their daily lives.

“We have a lot of guests that we see every day, sometimes twice a day. We love the culture of our community and the energy hub of Braddon. Close friends, friends who play sports together, colleagues who work together, old friends, [and] A friend of a friend I met along the way. ”

The business “has a team of about 20 people across the venue, from cafe manager Marcelo Molina, baristas and FOH rock stars to executive chef Josh Smith Surkel (aka Chef of the Year). [along with a] Head chef, kitchen staff and everything in between. ”

Importantly, “We are a healthy food focused café offering dine-in and take-out dining, locally roasted coffee from Lonsdale St. Roasters, homemade kombucha and juices made by our team. Of course, our food philosophy gathers our office and event catering.

“We are also nearing completion of an expansion of the venue, which will include a wine bar and restaurant opening in mid-September. Stay true to your eating style.This time it’s night time that runs alongside the morning deal,” Will announced.

When it comes to customer behavior, “There’s been a lot of change for us as operators over the last few years,” Will said.

“Aside from the social impact of COVID-19, we have seen a shift in guest needs and expectations, shifting towards a more thoughtful and conscious approach to food and service.

“We have noticed that more than ever, the focus is on aligning my daily activities and habits with my values ​​and choices. We are making choices that add value to quality and enjoyment of life…and time.

“Their ingredients, servers and connections to local businesses give them the opportunity to get involved and support their community, including choosing dining options. We see this as an important change in the way we operate.”