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Why the Man City striker chooses yoga poses after scoring a goal

Erling Haaland has had many opportunities to complete his signature celebration. A fearless striker, at Dortmund he has scored 86 goals in 89 appearances, while at Manchester City he has already scored two goals in the same number of games.

West Ham were hit by City’s latest attacking addition on Sunday, with Haaland winning and converting a penalty before adding a second after the break.

Already, Haaland looks to have arrived in the Premier League. Throughout the season, opposition fans will get used to him not only finding the net, but celebrating in his trademark style.

But why would Harland celebrate in this way?

What is Harland Celebration?

On Sunday, English football was reminded of Haaland’s scoring pedigree. Community His performance in the Shield led to social his media clips mocking the talented Norwegian’s performance, but his premier debut in the league was the exact opposite.

Harland’s iconic celebration comes to London (Photo: Getty)

The London stadium fell silent except for a few City fans who knew they would see this scene all season long. Harland, Strike. Haaland, score. Congratulations, Harland. Good luck, Bournemouth.

After finding the net, Haaland crossed his legs in his trademark meditation celebration in front of his opponent’s fans. Known as the lotus position in yoga, it helps you find your inner zen. A celebration like his presence in front of goal: calm personified.

Haaland often had reason to celebrate his debut.

  • city ​​of manchester vs west ham: Haaland scored twice in his Premier League debut. From spot he added one goal and from close range he added two.
  • Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg: Haaland made his debut for Dortmund in style with a hat-trick in the 23rd minute.
  • RB Salzburg vs henk: Haaland scored within two minutes before scoring a hat-trick in the first half on his UEFA Champions League debut.

Why does Harland have a “Yoga” celebration?

The celebration has been used by Haaland at Red Bull Salzburg, Borussia Dortmund and now Manchester City.

The City striker has talked about meditation before, which is the reason for his celebration of its addition to Fifa two years ago.

in an interview with Esport Intertivo, Harland gave insight as to why he chose to celebrate in this way. “It calms me down and gives me serenity. That’s why sometimes when I score a goal, I celebrate it that way.”

Did other players celebrate?

Kevin De Bruyne mimicked his celebrations after scoring a hat-trick against Wolves in the first half and hinted at Haaland’s arrival. Although it was the first match after it was announced that City had agreed a deal with the Norwegian national team, the celebration was used by others.

Perhaps most famously, Neymar mocked Haaland’s pose during the 2020 UEFA Champions League match between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain.